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What is ET.com & Who Are Extraordinary Therapists?

ET.com, or Extraordinary Therapy is a secure and trusted way for individuals who have needs that are specific to an emerging area of concern for millions of individuals. What specifically is this area of practice or concern? Alien life and the real possibility that humans are not alone in the universe. In the last 12 months the US Government has confirmed that there are UAP that they can not explain. UAP's, (UFO's) and the incredible footage of these unexplained craft are creating much larger questions about the origins of humanity. Our goal is connect those seeking answers and understanding, with extraordinary therapists who can help.

ET.com connects people who seek to better understand themselves with Extraordinary Therapists.

Humans have always sought to answer life's most difficult questions, even when it seems impossible and poses a great risk. Sometimes the greatest risks are not even physical ones. History has shown that humanity may find that an even greater risk, is simply being open to new ideas that challenge what we already believe. 

It is estimated that more than one million humans have had some kind of experience that has left them with far more questions than answers regarding the universe.  Prior to 2021, it was estimated that more than five million people have a fear of space, empty voids, or even extraterrestrials. As the world learns more about what exists outside of Earth, we may find that there are even more people who are seeking answers not just about life outside of our planet, but about themselves. 

Therapy is fundamentally about how humans take information in, process that information, and ultimately what the internal and external effects of that are. Extraterrestrial or ET disclosure may prove to be challenging for some significant percentage of humanity. It is our hope that therapy, or simply having access to a manner in which to better understand oneself, will help prepare individuals for any significant life events. Regardless if that is related to learning about alien life, or just regular every day challenges. 

"Mental Health" might be one of the least appropriate ways to label what we believe is ultimately about a human wanting to better understand how their brain works. Understanding more about your brain is closer to an athlete wanting to understand their body than what therapy is often described as.

Sometimes the best path to a less stressful life, and one wherein any challenge big or small is not disruptive to your life, is therapy. 

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