What is Astrophobia?

A severe fear of stars, space, vast emptiness or the concept of infinity.  For many, astrophobia is strongly connected to a fear of extraterrestrials. For others, something as simple as a clear night sky may give them a sense of discomfort or anxiety.  These experiences, are shared by millions of people.  You are not alone.   

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ET.com, or Extraordinary Therapy is a secure and trusted way for individuals to connect with professionals who care about your concerns and can help you take the next step towards better understanding. Astrophobia is real, and it is not something that anyone should hesitate to discuss with an enthusiastic licensed professional.  Feeling better about some of life's biggest questions is very possible.

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Humans have always sought to answer life's most difficult questions, even when it seems impossible and poses a great risk.

Space exploration and the search for signs of life outside of planet Earth have proven to be the greatest challenge yet for humankind. There may only be more stars in the sky than questions about life outside of our planet.

It is estimated that more than one million humans have had some kind of experience that has left them with far more questions than answers regarding the universe.  More than five million people have a fear of space, empty voids, or even extraterrestrials. As the world learns more about what exists outside of planet Earth, we may find that there are even more people who are seeking answers not just about life outside of earth, but ultimately about themselves. It is important that we feel comfortable and free to ask these important questions.

Sometimes the best path in answering difficult questions is to find an Extraordinary Therapist.

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